This Week’s Top Vinyl Records: Eclectic Beats From Around the Globe

Indulge your senses with the finest vinyl records in Electro, Hip-Hop, World Music, and Jazz, handpicked for the true audiophile.

At Ghetto:Orion, we believe in accessibility and choice when it comes to enjoying your favorite beats. That’s why, by default, we share with you track previews through Apple Music right here on our site. To access full-length tracks, simply log in to your Apple Music account and let the music take control.

But we don’t stop there. We understand that everyone has their preferred streaming platform, so we’ve got you covered. Our curated playlist is also available across most major streaming platforms. Whether you’re a Spotify fan, a Deezer devotee, a Soundcloud enthusiast, or a YouTube Music admirer, we’ve made sure our handpicked selections are just a few clicks away. Just look for Ghetto:Orion playlist, and you’re all set to indulge in the best weekly vinyl records in Electro, Hip-Hop, World Music, and Jazz.

Enjoy your musical journey with Ghetto:Orion, your guide to the vibrant world of vinyl-record music!

Join us every week for a fresh batch of records that redefine the boundaries of sound and style. Because at Ghetto:Orion, we're not just playing music; we're spinning stories, one record at a time.


Welcome to the sonic sanctuary where the vinyl record reigns supreme. We understand your passion for authentic, vibrant, and timeless soundscapes, and that’s why we’re serving up the hottest picks of the week in Electro, Hip-Hop, World Music, and Jazz.

Discover the pulsating beats and captivating melodies of our Electro selection. From emerging talents to renowned veterans, each record will teleport you to the heart of an electrifying rave, resonating with the vitality of this genre.

Experience the rhythm and rhyme of our handpicked Hip-Hop vinyl records. These discs, spun by legends and rising stars alike, encapsulate the spirit of the streets and the potency of poignant storytelling. Listen and connect with the voices that are molding and moving the Hip-Hop scene.

Travel without leaving your living room with our World Music selection. We’ve curated vinyl records echoing with the soulful melodies, tribal rhythms, and cultural diversity from every corner of the globe. Immerse yourself in the authentic sounds of distant lands and forgotten times.

Finally, let our Jazz vinyl records soothe your senses. From the smooth blues to the hard-bop, we’ve chosen records that capture the essence and evolution of Jazz. Be transported to smoky clubs and experience the profound pleasure of a solo saxophone reaching into the depths of your soul.

At Ghetto:Orion, we believe in the magic of vinyl records – the tactile experience, the superior sound quality, and the intimate connection with the music. Our weekly selection captures the best of the diverse world of music, bringing the concert right to your turntable.