Amon Tobin Permutation, Ghetto:Orion

Celebrating 25 Years of Amon Tobin’s “Permutation”

Amon Tobin’s groundbreaking third album, the timeless masterpiece “Permutation,” commemorates its 25th anniversary with a special edition release. This edition features a revamped sleeve, complete with a die-cut window on the front, offering a glimpse of expanded inner sleeve artwork crafted by the legendary Kevin Foakes, also known as Openmind.

Initially unleashed upon the world in 1998, “Permutation” stands as a testament to Tobin’s visionary approach to music production. It represents a pivotal moment in electronic music history, pushing the boundaries of experimental breakbeats and showcasing Tobin’s unparalleled knack for crafting intricate sonic landscapes.

Within “Permutation,” listeners are immersed in Tobin’s signature blend of experimentalism and innovation. Each track serves as a canvas for Tobin’s idiosyncratic sounds, inviting audiences on a journey through a labyrinth of rhythm and melody. From hypnotic beats to mesmerizing textures, “Permutation” captivates with its audacious sonic experimentation.

This special edition not only pays homage to the musical brilliance of “Permutation” but also celebrates the visual artistry of Kevin Foakes. With the revamped sleeve and expanded inner sleeve artwork, fans can experience “Permutation” in a whole new light, delving deeper into the immersive world crafted by Tobin and Foakes.

As “Permutation” reaches its 25th anniversary, its influence on the electronic music landscape remains undeniable. Tobin’s fearless exploration of sound continues to inspire artists and enthusiasts alike, cementing its status as a modern classic that transcends time and genre boundaries.

Experience the sonic evolution of Amon Tobin’s “Permutation” with this special edition release, a fitting tribute to a landmark album that continues to captivate and innovate a quarter-century later.

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