Various Artists Dots And Pearls 8, Ghetto:Orion

Cocoon Recordings Presents Dots And Pearls 8: An Eclectic Collection for Music Connoisseurs

Cocoon Recordings returns with a highly anticipated new edition of its Dots And Pearls series. This eighth compilation impresses once again with its diverse array of sounds, offering a veritable musical feast for discerning listeners. From minimalist grooves to entrancing rhythms of dark techno, to EBM influences, this album promises a rich and immersive listening experience.

Kyivian producer JOSS sets the tone with “Assessing”, a captivating opening track that skillfully blends emotional melodies with hypnotic rhythms. Emanuel Satie joins the lineup with “When I First Met You (I Knew You Were The One)”, a mesmerizing love declaration carried by celestial choirs. Denis Horvat and Skarn then take us on a sonic journey with “Triii”, an electrifying piece sprinkled with Slavic vocals and enchanting melodies.

AÖCRAM and Ramsey Neville plunge us into the underground atmosphere of New York with “Brooklyn Structure”, while Alex Bau ignites the dancefloor with “Antidot” and its relentless energy. “Ghost Story” by Redshape and “Year Zero” by Raxon offer captivating narratives that transport the listener into unique and fascinating sonic realms. Finally, Harald Björk’s “Aluco” closes the album in epic fashion, providing an exhilarating conclusion to this musical adventure.

Dive into the depth and breadth of Cocoon Recordings’ universe with Dots And Pearls 8. This compilation is a true treasure trove for electronic music enthusiasts, offering a captivating exploration of various currents and styles from the underground scene. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover talented artists and innovative sounds that push the boundaries of modern electronic music.

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