Eli Keszler Live 2, Ghetto:Orion

Experience Percussive Mastery: Eli Keszler’s “LIVE 2”

As anticipation fills the air, a lone drumset commands the stage, its presence sparking curiosity about the music to come. Yet, there’s a lingering skepticism toward drum solos – a sentiment echoed by many. But wait, Eli Keszler’s “LIVE 2” defies expectations, offering a mesmerizing journey into the realm of solo percussion that captivates from start to finish.

This double album, the second installment in Keszler’s LIVE series, showcases his virtuosity on the drums with unparalleled skill and innovation. Recorded live at two iconic venues – Alice in Copenhagen, Denmark, on March 6, 2023, and The Jewels of Toyama in Tokyo, Japan, on May 25, 2023, as part of the MODE Festival – “LIVE 2” is a testament to Keszler’s ability to command attention and push the boundaries of percussion performance.

On Side A, the energy of the Copenhagen performance reverberates through every beat, as Keszler weaves intricate rhythms and textures that transport listeners to new sonic landscapes. Meanwhile, Side B transports us to the vibrant streets of Tokyo, where Keszler’s drumming takes on a dynamic and improvisational quality, drawing inspiration from the city’s pulsating energy.

Throughout “LIVE 2,” Keszler’s drumming transcends mere technical proficiency, inviting listeners on a transcendent journey of sound and rhythm. From pulsating rhythms to delicate nuances, each track is a testament to Keszler’s mastery of his craft and his ability to push the boundaries of solo percussion performance.

So, join Eli Keszler on this exhilarating musical odyssey, where the drumset takes center stage and transforms into a vessel for boundless creativity and expression. “LIVE 2” is not just a drum solo – it’s an immersive sonic experience that will leave you spellbound from the first beat to the last.

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