Broadcast Spell Blanket Collected Demos 2006 2009, Ghetto:Orion

New Releases from Broadcast: Spell Blanket & Distant Call

Exciting news for fans of Broadcast! The iconic band unveils two new albums for 2024, offering a glimpse into their creative journey spanning different periods.

“Spell Blanket” delves into the treasure trove of Trish’s archives, featuring songs and sketches from the post-Tender Buttons era (2006-2009). These recordings, drawn from 4-track tapes and MiniDiscs, lay the groundwork for what could have been Broadcast’s fifth album. Experience the raw essence of Trish and James’ creative process as they craft mesmerizing soundscapes and melodies.

Contrasting “Spell Blanket,” “Distant Call” offers a collection of early demos that evolved into finished productions found in albums like Haha Sound, Tender Buttons, and The Future Crayon. This album also holds special significance as it includes two unearthed gems discovered by James after Trish’s passing: “Come Back To Me” and “Please Call To Book.” The latter, a poignant response to Broadcast’s 2006 Let’s Write A Song project, where fans contributed lyrics on postcards.

“Distant Call” serves as a poignant closure to Broadcast’s illustrious journey, marking the band’s final release. It encapsulates the essence of their evolution, from early demos to finished productions, and pays homage to Trish’s enduring legacy.

Don’t miss out on these captivating releases, as Broadcast bids farewell with “Distant Call,” leaving behind a timeless musical legacy cherished by fans worldwide.

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