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Rediscovering KMD’s “Black Bastards”: A Testament to Hip-Hop History

Before MF DOOM rose to prominence as one of Hip-Hop’s most iconic MC-producers, he was a member of KMD, a pioneering rap group from the early ’90s whose legacy remains unjustly overlooked.

Originally slated for release in 1994, “Black Bastards” was KMD’s sophomore album, following their acclaimed debut “Mr. Hood” in 1991. However, tragedy struck the group when Subroc, one of the trio’s members, tragically passed away in 1993. Despite this loss, Zev Love X (later known as MF DOOM) persevered to fulfill their musical vision.

“Black Bastards” showcased a remarkable progression from their debut, both sonically and lyrically. The album delved into themes of Black consciousness, offering a poignant reflection on the experiences of young Black men in urban America. Tracks like “What A N*gga Know” and “Get U Now” exemplified KMD’s blend of bouncy beats and raw lyricism.

Despite the album’s artistic merit, Elektra Records shelved “Black Bastards” due to controversy surrounding its provocative cover art. This decision left Zev Love X disheartened, as he struggled to release the album on other labels in the wake of his brother’s passing. The untimely loss of Subroc and the album’s shelving marked a pivotal moment in Zev’s journey, leading to the emergence of MF DOOM.

The reissue of “Black Bastards” offers listeners a chance to rediscover the origins of MF DOOM and the evolution of KMD. It serves as a testament to the group’s artistic vision and the challenges they faced in an industry fraught with obstacles. Understanding the backstory behind “Black Bastards” is essential to comprehending the genesis of one of Hip-Hop’s most enigmatic figures.

Delve into the profound legacy of KMD and the pivotal album “Black Bastards,” now reissued for a new generation of listeners. Explore the raw energy and lyrical depth that defined the early work of MF DOOM and his journey from KMD to becoming a legendary figure in Hip-Hop history.

Rediscover the untold story behind MF DOOM’s origins with the reissue of KMD’s “Black Bastards” – a testament to resilience, creativity, and the enduring power of Hip-Hop.

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