Valentina Magaletti A Queer Anthology Of Drums, Ghetto:Orion

Valentina Magaletti Unleashes a Sonic Adventure on Permanent Draft

Step into the world of Valentina Magaletti with a double dose of exhilarating releases from her exciting new imprint, Permanent Draft.

Kicking off the proceedings is a revisit to “A Queer Anthology of Drums,” a much-celebrated collection first unveiled digitally by Takuroku in 2020. This mesmerizing record is a tapestry of textures, space, and subtle sonic shifts, drawing inspiration from the realms of dub, minimal techno, sound art, library music, and even elements of musique concrete. With the addition of a new track, the album offers a uniquely melodic journey that defies categorization, leaving listeners in a state of cathartic release.

Following this is the highly limited four-song 12″ titled “Lucha Libre,” showcasing Magaletti’s versatility and adventurous spirit. This interdisciplinary fusion of post-punk/no-wave experimentation, dub exploration, krautrock dynamics, and avant-garde probing defies categorization. While Magaletti is primarily known as a drummer, her foray into such diverse and compelling sonic territories proves her to be a true force of nature.

As if her musical prowess weren’t enough, Magaletti’s venture into label management adds another feather to her cap. With Permanent Draft, she continues to push boundaries and explore new frontiers in sound. Experience the sonic journey with Valentina Magaletti on Permanent Draft.

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